Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Autoette Takes a Trip in the Digital World

Probably like many of you, I had no idea who Felecia Day was a few months ago. Then I was contacted by a firm that wanted to rent one of my Autoettes for a film shoot. Having had one very nice experience with a project by David Chase (of Sopranos fame), I decided to rent the car out for this project. It ends up Felecia Day is a web actress, producer, phenomenon who I can't for the life of me figure out why she is so popular. Maybe she has a monopoly on the "Geek" audience or something. I just imagine people in Anime or Star Trek costumes gushing over her. Figures Microsoft would latch onto her...

Well, if you are ever asked to do this call me! What an experience the whole thing turned out to be. If you watch the video carefully you will see that the production company literally took apart my car, removing parts and damaging others. I'd be happy to share the lessons learned with anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

In any event, I guess it is still cool to see the Autoette on screen and so I figured I'd share it with you. If you are impatient and want to skip to the good part, fast forward 2:47.  By the way, if you use Firefox for your browser you may not be able to see the following video. Kind of ironic that a Microsoft video isn't compatible with one of the most popular browsers huh? Be forewarned, the quality of the "acting" and the production are almost as sketchy as the way they treated my car, so I doubt anyone will be winning any awards for this.

OK, I admit it. I am still a bit jaded by the whole experience, but keep an eye out in October 2012 for what I am sure will be a far superior production by David Chase, featuring two Autoettes and a Mobilette!


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