Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New! Exact Reproductions of Autoette Badges and CruiseAbout Emblem

Dear Autoetteers:

After a long process of having patterns and molds made for exact, authorized reproductions of the original Autoette emblems, I am pleased to offer for sale the Autoette badges and CruiseAbout script individually and as sets. I am offering the emblems at my cost plus a small additional fee in order to recover a portion of the cost to make the patterns and molds. These are investment cast solid bronze, better than the original pot metal parts and not some cheap plastic copies. They are made to order only. If you would like to order emblems I can accept PayPal or a check in advance. If you wish to send PayPal use my email: lfisher160@cox.net.

Individual Parts:
Autoette Badge (flat or curved) - Triple-chrome plated solid bronze: $55.00 ea.
CruiseAbout Script - Triple-chrome plated solid bronze with cast in mounting pins: $65.00 ea.
NOTE: When installing the script you will need to gently bend it to fit your valance (not on Wayne cars). These are not sold pre-bent due to variations in the original parts.

Autoette CruiseAbout (excluding Wayne Cars) - 1ea. Autoette Badge (flat), 1ea. Autoette Badge (curved), and 1ea. CruiseAbout Script: $165.00
Autoette CruiseAbout (manufactured by Wayne) - 2ea. Autoette Badges (flat), and 2ea. CruiseAbout Script: $225.00

Shipping (anywhere in the USA): $10.00

These are made to order. Please contact me directly before ordering to be sure you get the correct emblems for your car.


  1. Hi I am thinking of buying an Autoette that is missing its side badges. I'm not sure if it is a Cruiseabout or not. Do you have an email address I can forward my pictures of the car to? My email address is antiquegolf@shaw.ca Ron

  2. Hi I am restoring a 1960 Taylor Dunn Trident . The only thing I am missing is the Trident badge can you help ?